The next level

The task

There's a trend among Victory consumers to perceive the brand as „old” or the brand „of my parents”. To stop and reverse this trend BT launched new premium line - Exclusive by Victory. With new packaging, modern design and a pleasant blend.

The challenge

To communicate in a creative way and through one single visual the new premium extension of Victory brand. Without forgetting the numerous limitations posted by law for advertising tobacco products.

Our solution

To give the Victory consumers who seek a modern lifestyle a personal reason to remain loyal to the brand and to identify with its premium extension.

The execution

We created a modern, self-confident, charismatic and appealing hero – Mr. Exclusive, and placed him in a stylish and simple setting. The main message The Next Level reinforces the communication and makes it attractive for consumers. The single visual displays his class, lifestyle and character in a self-explanatory situation. The Talking to Wolves Alpha male who sets the rules himself.

The sequel

The next campaign for Exclusive continued the successful concept The Next Level, and added a new element - the chess playing.