Fibank Easy Credit
How to pass to Level 2

Confess everything

The topic „get a credit“ for many people brings the idea of something complicated, difficult, tedious, almost like passing through the eye of a needle. The approval process ignites various rumors and all kinds of jokes. That's why we also decided to make joke. As far as an open-minded financial institution will allow...

Actually, it could be a lot easier...

From a dramatic standpoint the bone-chilling „intro“ lets the product benefit stand out by itself. The catharsis is natural and refreshing as a spring breeze in a crowded public bus. Yes, this is Jenny, a true employee of the bank, not an actress. She works at the Dragan Tsankov office. And yes, this credit could be obtained with ID only. The results? Surpassed the client's sales targets and proved that the Bulgarian TV viewer never loses his sense of humor. As long as the joke is served appropriately and with measure.