Bansko FIS World Cup 2015
„I will win in Bansko!““

All roads lead to...

What is needed to summon and shoot (absolutely free) the top skiers of the world in a TV spot for a Bulgarian winter resort? To be at the right time (October 24-25) at the right place (apre-ski restaurant GIGGI Tenne in Sölden, Austria). To have a ski legend as a helper (Marc Girardelli), and a German-speaking crew (Volker Pleil, vielen dank mein Freund!). The rest is easy. Put on a nice diplomatic smile, but also pull out a simple and clear idea that is quick to comprehend.

The idea

The concept „I will win in Bansko“ immediately won the girls from the snow white sport and each and every one of them gave her best in front of the camera. Most artistic appeared to be the charming Swiss blonde Lara Gut. As well as our previous similar campaign (in 2012), the „Bulgarian“ spot was a lucky charm for the "actors" and Austrian beauty Anna Fenninger later won not only two events in Bansko, but also took the FIS Crystal Globe at the end of the season.

The effect

The TV spot was aired on Eurosport across Europe and became not only wonderful promotion of the event and the Bulgarian hosts, but also advertised the entire country as elite winter destination. All ski stars loved their on-screen performances.

Big, bigger, bigger

The grand scale of a sports event such as the World Cup require almost countless advertising and communication materials, hundreds of meters of printed vinyl, design vision with a perspective, flawless unison in a huge team of people... Requirements that few agencies in Bulgaria could meet.