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299 Projects

87 Videos made

584 Creatives made

73 Happy Customers

The Kiwi. If you thought that the super healthy, full of Vitamin C fruit is coming from New Zealand, you’re wrong. Its motherland is China and it wasn’t before XX-th century when New Zealanders, today’s biggest world grower and exporter, named it after their typical, fuzzy and dumpy birdie, which can not fly. And... we just thought it's a cool name.

The people? We have all kinds – as age, height, gender and haircut. Some have a dog, others - even two. Some smoke, others work out. Some do both. The common factor is the high bar for talent and competence and the obvious fact that these people love their profession. The gelling of the team, which functions noisily as a big Italian family, is best demonstrated around a pub or bar table. According to unofficial data from National Statistical Institute KIWI is a company ranking in the top for “employee dog ownership per capita”.

Advertising is... a dynamic business and things change constantly. Here you’ll finds a big portion of the clients who we have worked for, work at the moment and/or will continue to work in the future. Browse at will.

Branding... If a brand is "the idea or image people have in mind when thinking about specific products, services and activities of a company, both in a practical and emotional way “... well, we have plenty of experience in that matter under our belts. Nor the complexity and scale of the branding, or sophisticated combination of physical and emotional cues can scare us. In result we've created tons of names, logos, entire visual identities, or messages that push buttons and move product.

It's all in the balance... because, as you already know, great execution must balance the creative and the strategy, and discover smart ways to be both different and smart. If you want to break through the market clutter and motivate your consumers to see, think, feel or act in a certain way - let's search for that balance together.